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Dr. Dhillon featured on breast cancer awareness podcast

CVI Executive Director Dr. Kiran Dhillon was featured on The Boobie Docs: The Girlfriend’s Guide to Breast Cancer, Breast Health, & Beyond podcast hosted by Robyn Roth, a board-certified radiologist who specializes in breast imaging and image-guided procedures.

Joined by Pink Eraser Project co-founders Kristen Dahlgren and Michele Young, Dr. Dhillon talks about their collective mission to erase breast cancer with cancer vaccines and the promising results of CVI's early clinical trials. In a phase I clinical trial of 66 women with advanced-stage HER2-positive breast cancer, 80% are alive and well today, a decade after vaccination.  Comparatively, the median survival rate for stage IV HER2-positive breast cancer is only 50% at 4.5 years post-treatment of currently available chemotherapies.

"Imagine if we could roll out our vaccines across many different centers in the country," Dr. Dhillon remarked. “Thinking from the patient’s perspective, having access to cutting-edge, potentially life-saving technologies … you won’t have to live in Seattle where we are located to receive it. You can receive therapies where you live.”


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