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'I am also seeking hope as cancer patients and survivors are.' Dr. Dhillon shares promise of cancer vaccines in Seattle radio show

Photo Credits: Lisa Stromme Warren

CVI Executive Director Dr. Kiran Dhillon was featured in this week's radio broadcast of The Sound of the Puget Sound and shared the promise of our cancer vaccines.

Dr. Dhillon discussed the remarkable results of CVI's cancer vaccines, with clinical trials showing successful and safe interception and prevention of breast cancer 10 years after vaccination. The vaccine trains the immune system to recognize and target cancer, and she estimates that an FDA-approved breast cancer vaccine may come in the next five to eight years.

"What I love about this is that it is your own body fighting the cancer," radio host Luciana Bartes remarked.

CVI also has ongoing clinical trials for ovarian and lung cancers and is in pre-clinical development for bladder, colon, and prostate cancer vaccines, Dr. Dhillon added. CVI's mission is to use ground-breaking technologies and live-saving therapies to ignite the immune system to end cancer.

Dr. Dhillon also shared her experiences as a scientist studying breast cancer who was navigating her own diagnosis.

"This is not just work. It's very personal. I am also seeking hope as cancer patients and survivors are," she said. "To be able to provide both the scientific and patient perspective is kind of unique and somehow that personal experience of having cancer has become a central part of what I do for work."

To learn more about our cancer vaccines and how they work, listen here:


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