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Cancer Vaccine Institute presents a summer educational series on immunology and cancer vaccines

The Cancer Vaccine Institute will hold a series of virtual seminars during June and July 2022. The five-part seminar series is an educational event that is designed to provide an overview of basic cancer immunology, immune therapies, development of cancer vaccines, and current vaccines in clinical trials that target breast and ovarian cancer. The target audience for the seminars is students/trainees, the general public, and patients who may be interested in diving a little deeper into cancer immunology and cancer vaccines.

Seminars will be presented by Cancer Vaccine Institute faculty and scientists:

June 16 (3pm-4pm)The immune system and cancer, Andrew Coveler, MD Dr. Coveler will provide an overview of immunology, how the immune system sees cancer, and how cancer evades the immune system. Watch Recorded Session

June 23 (3pm-4pm)Using the immune system to treat cancer, Nora Disis, MD Dr. Disis will provide the basics of how the immune system recognizes cancer and how we can use it to treat cancer, describe cancer vaccines and how they work, and provide overview of other immune therapies such as checkpoint inhibitors and cell therapies. Watch Recorded Session

June 30 (3pm-4pm)Preclinical development of vaccines, Denise Cecil, PhD Dr. Cecil will provide an overview of how we go from potential targets to a cancer vaccine that’s ready for clinical trials and how we optimize our vaccines. Watch Recorded Session

July 14 (3pm-4pm) Vaccines targeting gynecological cancers, John Liao, MD/PhD Dr. Liao will provide an overview of a CVI vaccine targeting ovarian cancer and related clinical trials, and the development of the HPV vaccine. (Session not recorded)

July 26 (3pm-4pm) (date change)Breast cancer vaccines in clinical trials, Will Gwin, MD Dr. Gwin will provide an overview of how clinical trials are conducted and breast cancer vaccine clinical trials at the CVI. Watch Recorded Session

The virtual Summer Seminar Series is a free event but registration is required. Registrants will receive a calendar invite to the seminars in early June. Individuals can register for all or individual seminars.


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