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Will Gwin, MD


Assistant Professor

Principal Investigator

Dr. William Gwin is focused on the management of breast cancer by individualizing each prescribed therapy with the goal of improving the lives of his patients and their families. His research is in the development of pre-clinical immunotherapies targeting mechanisms of resistance into first-in-human clinical trials. Dr. Gwin received his MD from the University of Alabama School of Medicine (UAB) in 2006. He went on to complete training in internal medicine at the University of Washington where as a resident he worked with Dr. Nora Disis in the CVI investigating adoptive T-cell therapy in HER2+ breast cancer. He subsequently was a fellow in Hematology/Oncology at Duke University Medical Center where he worked with Dr. Neil Spector exploring mechanisms of resistance to HER2 targeted therapies in breast cancer. As a senior medical oncology fellow he worked with Dr. Kim Lyerly and Dr. Mike Morse in the clinical development of immunotherapies targeting mechanisms of therapeutic resistance in breast cancer. In 2016, he rejoined Dr. Disis and the CVI to oversee the early phase clinical development of immunotherapies developed by the CVI.


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