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Meet Kim P. - CVI Trial Participant

Kim was diagnosed with stage IIIC ovarian cancer on September 28, 2009. She had experienced some of the classic symptoms of ovarian cancer including bloating, a feeling of fullness, and pelvic pressure. She initially thought that these changes were just a part of getting older but then decided to talk to her doctor. She was working at an imaging center at the time and after her CT scan, the radiologist talked to her that he had seen something worrisome. She had surgery scheduled for a few days later. A testament to her spirit, she decided to go on a hunting trip with family just a few days before her surgery. After grasping her ovarian cancer diagnosis, Kim was determined not to be a statistic of this awful disease. She told herself she would be a survivor. She found inspiration from other survivors and strength from her faith. Kim participated in a CVI vaccine trial in 2012 and returned later for a booster. After her long journey, she is a proud survivor and grateful to have the opportunity to be part of another day. Kim now serves on the CVI Patient Advisory Council.


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