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KOMO4 News features CVI HER2 ICD DNA vaccine Phase I clinical trial

CVI Director Dr. Nora Disis spoke with Karina Vargas from KOMO4 news about the findings of our Phase I clinical trial with a HER2 ICD DNA vaccine recently published in JAMA oncology. The vaccine was administered in women with advanced stage HER2 positive breast cancer, 3 times one month apart, in a dose escalation study. A total of 66 patients received one of three doses and were followed for about 10 years post-vaccination. The key findings of the study are that (1) the vaccine is safe with only mild side effects, (2) all three doses elicited an immune response, and (3) 80% of patients who received the median dose are still alive 10 years after vaccination and 70% of patients who received the lower and higher doses are still alive after 10 years.


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