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CVI wins 2023 Gizmodo Science Fair for our HER2 ICD DNA vaccine for breast cancer!

Gizmodo, the science, technology, and design website, selected the Cancer Vaccine Institute as a winner of the 2023 Gizmodo Science Fair for the development of our HER2 ICD DNA breast cancer vaccine.

Here is information about the Gizmodo Science Fair from their website:

“Welcome to the 2023 Gizmodo Science Fair, where we’re celebrating the projects that inspired us, shook up their respective fields, changed lives, and showed what is possible when smart people collaborate on big ideas. These winners—from huge NASA missions to scrappy, crowdfunded teams—all tackled difficult problems with creativity and grit. And most importantly, they all relied on the scientific method to demonstrate real results that aren’t just hype and promises.”

We're excited to be among such a diverse group of trailblazers!


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