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Thank you to our partners, Wings of Karen and Kevin Murphy!

The UW Medicine Cancer Vaccine Institute is dedicated to a single mission: igniting the immune system to end cancer. Achieving excellence in research and patient care every day is a team effort — and we are grateful that the team includes Wings of Karen in partnership with Kevin Murphy’s Positively Pink October Campaign. Because of your generosity, we are able to conduct research, advance treatments, and discover cures.

Donors like Kevin Murphy and Wings of Karen help lay the foundation for our success. Thank you for your recent gift to the Cancer Vaccine Institute (CVI). This generous contribution has launched a fundraising campaign for microbiome research at the CVI. Our team has observed that not all patients activate their immune system to attack their cancer in the same way. Their recent work shows that gut bacteria may be preventing a strong-cancer immune response in some patients. They will use your gift to better understand how these bacteria may impact how their immune system sees cancer cells and also impact the effectiveness of therapy. Read more about our gut microbiome Dream Project.

Thank you for joining us and thank you for your commitment to the Cancer Vaccine Institute!


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