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CVI highlighted at W Day event with UW Volunteer Leaders!

Dr. Nora Disis, CVI Director, and Dr. Nicole Kretzer, Clinical Acting Instructor, spoke this past Friday, October 14th as part of activities for W Day - University of Washington's birthday celebrations! Drs. Disis and Kretzer presented an overview of the CVI's mission and progress towards developing vaccines for the treatment, interception, and prevention of cancer to an audience comprised of Volunteer Leaders for the University of Washington, including the UW Foundation Board of Directors, UW Alumni Association Board of Trustees, UW Retirements Association Board of Directors, University Book Store Board of Directors, and UW Converge Participants. The Volunteer Leaders also heard from the School of Pharmacy on their Global Brigades program which takes UW trainees to many different countries to help administer vaccines and other services.

Dr. Ana Mari Cauce, University of Washington President, also spoke at the event and shared her vision for the UW to serve as a "glocal" institution (global + local). The inspiring event was an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the University of Washington, including the Cancer Vaccine Institute, and to thank UW Volunteer Leaders for the incredible impact they have on the University and the individuals and communities we touch.


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