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Animal Core Testing Services

Our group is an expert in mouse models of cancer and evaluation of immune responses. We work with customers all over the country testing proprietary agents in our animal center. We offer our expert services in animal modeling ranging from time-course blood collection in mice, to tumor inhibitory studies, to full evaluation of immunogenicity of test agents and anything in between.

No matter the agreement you are under, you will take advantage of our expertise in animal modeling and immune assays. Under a collaborative agreement, our expert scientific team will work closely with yours to fine tune an approach that is appropriate to your experimental goals and endpoints. Under a testing services agreement, your group provides us with the details in a formal request for proposal, and our operations director will work with you to define your study needs and develop a price quote.

Whether you would like to work closely with our scientists using our specialized models under a collaborative agreement, or if you’re simply interested in receiving a price quote for a one-time testing services agreement, please contact us for more information.

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