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Laura Riolobos, PhD


Assistant Professor

Principal Investigator

Dr. Riolobos received her PhD in Molecular Biology from Universidad Autonoma of Madrid in 2006. During her PhD she studied the nuclear transport of Parvovirus structural proteins and the capsid assembly intermediates. After graduation, she worked as a Research scientist at Protein Alternatives in Madrid where she optimized the Phage Display technology to obtain specific antibodies against colorectal cancer biomarkers. In 2010, she joined the University of Washington as a Senior Fellow in the Hematolgoy Department, her project aimed to obtain “Universal” Stem Cells that would not be recognized as allogeneic by knocking-down the B2M and HLA-I genes. Currently, Dr. Riolobos is working with the CVI on the development and characterization of vaccines for lung cancers.

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